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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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make your own purseA woman’s purse can never keep a good secret. Every woman who has ever carried a purse knows that this seemingly small blip on the fashion accessories radar can sometimes be more of a personality indicator than the clothing she wears. They key to setting fashion trends with a handbag is to make sure that it is distinct from most of the other bags on your turf and it creates buzz.


One of the best ways to achieve this is to design your own bag or find an affordable designer who specializes in handmade purses.

Anxious friends may try to talk you out of this leap of faith. Fabric handbags or handcrafted purses have always had to bear the weight of fashion stigmas. Many women simply do not believe in the integrity of a purse unless it has the insignia of a recognized international designer name or costs enough money to make others think it has designer ancestry. These women are myth-makers. They help preserve the common myths that frighten some purse toters away from personalized handbags. Here are the top five myths that steer purse lovers away from buying handmade:

1) Handmade purses always look homely, like sewing projects gone wrong.

Just about every woman who ever attempted a sewing project as a young girl has a story about sewing crafts that didn’t quite turn out the way she planned. Such is the road to learning the fine art of sewing. However, the idea of handmade fabric handbags should not conjure images of bulky, gaudy, first-time sewing projects. In fact, some prominent handmade designers do little more than embellishment with fabrics.

InSyle magazine, for example, allowed its readers to choose 2012 winners for handmade bag design. The winning designs were crafted from goatskin, flour sacks, leather, and lambskin. Materials are never limited and the designs seem to be personalized to pay tribute to the designers’ favorite people and things.

2) The handmade purse is must be the traditional fashion accessory worn across the body, over the shoulder or clutched in hand.

Handmade purses happily suffer from multiple personality syndromes. In addition to the conventional purse, more women are choosing diaper bags, tote bags, messenger bags and student messenger bags made by hand. Most mothers choose diaper bags for function over style, but it is always great to be a standout with the most chic diaper bag at your child’s play date. Every mother will wonder where you got yours and try to find one that is similarly chic. As seasonal trends dictate what’s hot and what’s not, fashion tends to compete that way. To keep up with trends or become a trendsetter, make any bag you carry for any purse a handmade gem.

3) You must sew the handmade bag yourself.

A sewing machine, needle and thread can be small, hairy monsters to those who are not versed in sewing. All the sewing tips in the world will not help some women learn the fine art of sewing bags. For those who want to keep up with all the latest fashion styles, but do not know the first thing about making their own bags, there is a wealth of help. There are reputable online sites that specialize in handmade goods and can connect buyers with sellers all over the world. Some trendy fashion boutiques have even started public searches for handmade designers to help spruce up their existing collections.

There are other places right in the same town where women can find durable handmade purses. Some of the best designers sell their wares at flea markets, kiosks in malls, annual outdoor festivals, indoor conventions and sidewalks. They leave cards on the bulletin boards of coffee shops, libraries, national book chains, barber shops and the checkout counters of fabric or craft stores. Unless you are looking for them, though, it might be easy to simply pass them over. If you are serious about finding handmade purses, put that on your radar and ask friends to help you find them.

4) Handmade purses are plain.

To be fair, a handmade purse can be over embellished or plain. Some of them that are not well-designed show up with bells and whistles to let you know they are in the room. These are the purses that are covered in feathers, stitched in fifteen colors of embroidery, and have applique on every inch of fabric. Avoid being in the room with these purses. A good handbag does not have to scream to get its proper attention.

On the other hand, there are purses that are simply too plain. One of the most popular sewing materials for purse projects is denim. Typically, people take an old pair of jeans and transform it into a purse. Often, there is no other embellishment because the goal is to make sure that others know the purse was once a pair of jeans.

There shouldn’t be a need to hit passersby over the head with a handmade purse. There is a happy medium that allows some ornamentation without overdoing it.

5) Fabric is the only material that can be used for handmade purses.

As many fashionistas have seen, materials used for fashion styles know no boundaries. Even social protestors who want to make a statement with their fashion have resorted to clothing made from animal meat. Of course, this isn’t a very trendy way to make a personal fashion statement. It is, however, an example that a handmade purse can be made from almost anything.

One of the materials that has gained a bit of a following lately is purses made from wood. There is a lot more to creating these designs than mere sewing. The wood has to be treated for durability and then cut in a way that makes it look like a purse. Other materials have included things like coins, seashells, laminated newsprint and natural stones. A good handmade purse should leave a good impression by showing up in a material that the purse owner feels proud to carry. The purse will always tell others about the woman who carries it by being the first and the last impression.

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