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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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fashionable handbagsNothing allows women to express their personalities quite like fashion does. Women are drawn to fashion because clothing is the foundation of personal style. A woman who wears well-chosen pieces will always look good, even if she does not style her hair or wear much makeup. It is always better to err on the side of simplicity than to risk going overboard with gaudy shoes and accessories. The right purse can effortlessly tie a whole outfit together.



Finding perfect handcrafted purses is harder than it sounds. It is not a matter of simply choosing a handbag that is the same color as the rest of the outfit. This will result in a monochromatic ensemble that has no focal point. Carrying a purse that matches the outfit too closely may make the wearer look wider than she is because the bag will blend into the rest of the clothes and distort the silhouette. Opting for black is a good start because it can be worn with everything, but one risks turning this one purse into an all-purpose carry-all. A fashionable woman should have several unique purses that are in line with seasonal trends.

Getting Started

A good rule of thumb is to always match purses to shoes. An aspiring fashionista who is shopping for new handbags should begin by purchasing a bag that matches the shoes she wears most often. By wearing the shoes and carrying the handbag, her outfit will be balanced. It will not, however, be complete. She still needs to choose her accessories, and this can be even harder than finding the right purse.

One of the best fashion tips is to avoid being too obvious. Wearing jewelry that is the same color as the purse and shoes might seem like a smart move, but it is actually a fashion faux pas. The truly fashionable thing to do would be matching the jewelry to the bag’s accent metals or embroidery. This is how style experts get away with wearing disparate pieces that appear to clash; they actually match on a subconscious level.

If a belt is necessary, it is best if it is thin and matches the purse and shoes. It can also be a color that matches small details in the print of the garment it will be holding in place. That said, belts should be avoided if possible. A belt creates an unnatural division in the ensemble and breaks up the figure. The wearer will risk overwhelming her outfit with a secondary color that was only intended to be complementary.

How to Choose the Right Style

Handcrafted purses should be selected in accordance with one’s lifestyle. Student messenger bags are good choices for college students. They are also surprisingly appropriate for young professionals. A large messenger bag has room for a laptop, a packed lunch, file folders and even a lightweight jacket or sweater. Messenger bags usually have internal dividers to keep their contents organized.

Professional women who do not need to carry their computers and paperwork with them every day might feel more comfortable carrying tote bags. They may seem too casual for the workplace, but totes in edgy patterns are perfect for carrying lunches and books for long commutes. Carrying a tote makes it easy to do some light shopping right after work. Everything can be carried home in the same roomy bag.

Young women who enjoy the nightlife need small handbags that do not cause hindrances on dance floors. Clutches are very popular among club-goers for this very reason. The problem with clutches is that they can only hold flat objects like money, identification and credit cards. They are small wallets that are attached to wristbands. They are not very stylish, and they do not always allow girls to carry necessary items like lipstick and car keys.

Small fur-trimmed personalized handbags strike the perfect compromise between bulky purses and too-small clutches. A purse that is covered in a funky animal print can be worn with an all-black outfit. Being able to pull off this clever take on the fashion rules proves that the young woman has truly become a trendsetter. Matching a red handbag to red lipstick is another bold and stylish look.

Additional Fashion Tips

Accessories are not needed if the purse is bright or unusually patterned. Novices should start experimenting with accessories by only wearing one accent piece at a time to learn how individual items influence their ensembles as wholes. Necklaces and bracelets that are similar in size or color should not be worn at the same time. A bracelet that matches the purse should not be worn on the wrist of the hand that will be carrying the purse. Large amounts of bangles can only be worn on one wrist, especially if rings are also being worn on either hand.

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