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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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fashionable handbagWhat’s the big deal with handbags anyway? They are such a hot item of discussion, but so few people realize how vital of a role they play in modern fashion. They aren’t the only fashion accessory that goes virtually unnoticed, but they are one of the most versatile and powerfully complimentary.

There are several reasons handbags, especially when you design your own bag, complete an ensemble like no other item. More important is the artistic design and quality craft that is invested in making them.



As a representative of high fashion, it is imperative you advertise only quality and subtle indicators of fashion knowledge. This includes practical and informed persuasion related to your handbag’s origins and distribution.

Most women know how important a handbag can be to an entire ensemble’s success or failure. It is also important to match the season of life with the purse or tote that creates a “confident and prepared” appearance aiding in the minimization of affects like pregnancy, health recovery and seasonal fashion conundrums which present special problems.

It is so simple to rush to the neighborhood big box or generic fashion depot and purchase a bevy of fabric handbags, messenger bags, diaper bags and whatever else quells an immediate need. In the rush, remember that quality is also vital to the complete realization of high fashion. It is not enough that you have a tote or bag for every situation and occasion. The bags must exhibit an air of quality, sensitivity toward labor fairness and an uncompromising station of universal appeal.

Plainly stated, the majority of fashion bags produced in the world come from geographic regions that have little concern for quality materials, reputation and the fair treatment of designers, crafters, sewing crews and other laborers. There are great efforts to steal hot and trendy designs and copy them in a warehouse with appalling conditions in the attempt to lure shoppers into buying what they produce. In the end, shoppers buy knock-off, cheap products that do not have the quality innate to real, hard-working designers. Craftsman and career merchants are shortchanged and underappreciated.

There are two ideal ways the shopping public can act to counter the growing trend of faux, imposter designs hurting the world of fashion. These steps should be taken only after a new appreciation for quality fabric handbags, handmade purses, fashion accessories and seasonal handbags are visualized, drafted, sewn, shipped and purchased. One genuine high-quality designer handbag that exudes luxury and ambience is worth more than a new, cheap look-alike picked-up every other weekend which conveys nothing more than the mark of someone comfortable around trash.

The first way to guarantee quality is to demand from the store a traceable line of merchandise authenticity. It’s certain the items will be more expensive if they are purchased from a store that is intimately involved with the production process, but assurance of conscience is also guaranteed. Plus, there is an infinitely greater probability that the item will turn heads and make anyone look like a knock-out star.

Fashion is still one industry that quality and craftsmanship, along with labor intellectual resources are reflected by the “price tag compensation” that is requested. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more in order to increase the likelihood your taste and consumer desire will aide in the welfare of others. Ethics, compassion and action may have abandoned many other industries, but fashion (including handbag designs) still keeps the flame of mutuality burning.

The second way is to seek out raw materials and create your own styles. Many people find that when you design your own bag, a greater sense of fiscal pride and artistic accomplishment is achieved. Sewing bags by hand and other sewing projects that reflect the most desirable in fashion trends is the surest way to have dominion over every aspect of what is worn or carried. Massive varieties of sewing materials and an unlimited number of sources for sewing tips can be found online, at craft stores, by word-of-mouth and by researching the process that well-known designers go through to market their items.

The moral and ethical underlay of fashion purchases should always be in the front of the shopper’s mind. This is true even if it has to do with the matching of special occasion outfit with the perfect handbag. It’s horrible to ruin a memorable experience simply because fashion accessories carry with them the mark of deception for the sake of profit.

Buy local and regional. Do not be afraid to use unusual fabrics to design your own bag. Return to fashion which represents a principled and envy-worthy craft. Start your own trend with techniques and designs that have proven themselves to be stunning winners throughout history. Buck the trend and “fashion your fashion” around qualities that last and have positive outcomes in the world!

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