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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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Tote Diaper BagDiaper bags are essential for making sure that you’re able to change your baby while out and about, but many baby tote diaper bags are very obvious and bulky. While they serve their purpose well enough, carrying around a large white diaper bag can make you stand out from a crowd more than you might want to. There is a solution, however; instead of carrying a large generic diaper bag, choose a handmade diaper bag that better fits your personality so that you can still look like you want to look while keeping everything that you and your baby need close at hand.

Handcrafted diaper bags come in a variety of shapes and designs, such as baby diaper tote bags or messenger diaper bags with options allowing you to design your own. This gives you a much larger choice in exactly how your diaper bag looks in addition to subtle options in regards to how it functions; some handmade diaper bags feature several different compartments for diapers, wipes, and other baby changing accessories so that you don’t have a bulky single-compartment bag to sort through each time you need a single item. The uniqueness of handmade diaper bags will also make the baby diaper bag appear much less obvious, often giving it a look more like a trendy oversized handbag instead of a vinyl-covered diaper bag that stands out from across the room.

When shopping for a handmade diaper bag, you can spend more time thinking about how it can coordinate with your outfits so that you’ll still be able to dress like you want while keeping vital baby supplies close at hand. These unique handmade bags offer a way to express yourself and your individuality while still serving a vital function… often better than the standard store-bought diaper bags can, since the handmade diaper bags can be picked with the exact features that you want so that you’ll be able to organize your baby supplies in just the manner that you want them.

Handmade diaper bags may also feature several customization options, depending on where you buy them. These options may be limited to choosing different layouts in similar patterns, or you may be able to order custom bags that are designed in the exact manner that you want your diaper bag to be. Be sure to look at several different bags before choosing the one that you want, since you may find that not all handmade diaper bags will go with your sense of fashion as well as others.

As you consider different designs of handcrafted diaper bags, keep in mind that you might want to consider buying more than one bag. This will not only give you the option of keeping one diaper bag stocked for around-town trips while another is packed for overnight visits or other long trips, but you will also have different design options that you can choose from based on what you’re wearing when you go out with your baby. While some might argue that the most important function of a diaper bag is to carry your essential baby supplies, handmade diaper bags do this as well as giving you a way to express yourself and accessorize the outfits that you wear. There’s no reason that you can’t let your own personal sense of fashion get a say in the type of diaper bag that you buy so long as the bag you choose will hold everything that you need it to.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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