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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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Clip art women with fashionable hand bagOnce upon a time, the most fashionable bag to become part of a woman’s collection of accessories was the classy little clutch purse she used for important evenings out on the town and intimate dates with special friends. These clutch purses were designed to hold just enough of the lady’s special needs items so she wouldn’t go without. They were small enough, however, to appear discreet, dainty, and ever so ladylike. Whether tucked under the woman’s arm or placed beside her place setting at dinner, the clutch purse was the quintessential add on to any special evening.

In more recent fashion time, the clutch purse has been replaced by another type of discreet and dainty handbag as the fashion accessory of choice by women with unique and designer tastes. Called the hobo bag, this creation is really a modernized version of the clutch purse. Easy to carry, convenient to slip over a wrist, and big enough to tuck in every essential, the hobo bag is clearly a great choice for whatever special event for which you are accessorizing your wardrobe. You may want to purchase several so that you can have different styles for different types of special events.

A hobo bag is a simple bag that is large enough to fit your essential wallet items, a tube of lipstick, perhaps a personal item or two, and any other small piece that may be important to your night on the town. Generally, hobo bags have only one compartment, so it is easy to look inside and instantly locate what you are looking for. Unlike clutch purses, which could be a bit difficult at times to tote around because of their lack of strap, hobo bags have handles that you can easily grip with your hand or drape over your arm. These handles are large enough that they can easily slip over any jewelry you might be wearing on your arm or even a special corsage you may have on for your evening out.

When clutch purses first emerged as the absolute necessity in handbags for nights out on the town, the classic color preferred by many women was a simple black. Simple black has always been a logical choice for evenings out on the town, coordinating just as easily with a little black dress as with a colorful design. As they remained on the market as a valuable fashion necessity, the options available began to branch out. From a variety of solid colors and classic prints, to flashy design including sequins, glitter and more, clutch purses were soon available in styles to match any particular wardrobe need.

Hobo bags are similar to clutch purses in their evolution. The basic design for many hobo bags is a simple black color, that can blend in with nearly any fancy style of clothing you may be wearing for your night out on the town. But for the adventurous woman that you might be, hobo bags are also now available in a wide variety of styles that can match any outfit or desire. From various base colors to exciting designs include faux fur and animal prints, you can find hobo bags to fit any possible style you prefer. For the ultra choosy woman, design your own hobo bags to ensure that you are getting the exact design that you want to display.

Faux fur hobo bags are considered especially fashionable and trendy, as faux fur continues be the design of choice for many sophisticated women. Following many years when any fur design was frowned upon, faux fur rebounded and became a fashion ideal instead of a fashion faux pas. Faux fur is especially trendy when outrageous colors or cross patterns are blended with the natural waves of fur. Not all faux fur is created equally, however. While some women may prefer to have their entire bags constructed from faux fur, others may simple prefer an accent at the top or the bottom that is light and fluffy.

Animal prints have also remained extremely popular choices for handbags. With patterns available that are clearly related to certain animals but yet are available in such impossible shades and supplementary designs, the options are endless in the types of animal print hobo bags that you could add to your collection. If you’re feeling less adventurous, choose a tame design for the outside of your hobo bag and a brilliantly energetic print for the interior. Either way, you’ll be working to create a unique hobo bag that will be as functional as it is beautiful. You can recapture the elegance of the clutch bags used in times past with a modern hobo bag that is designed to hold all of your necessities while becoming the perfect accessory for any fashionable woman.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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