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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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Following seasonal trends can be difficult if one leads a busy lifestyle. Women with demanding work or school schedules seldom have enough time to devote to making sure that their wardrobes are up to date. An easy way to ensure that one’s wardrobe is to carry seasonal handbags and handmade purses. A woman who takes it upon herself to design her own fabric handbags will have accessories that no one else has.



Messenger bags are fashionable alternatives to backpacks. College students who want to present more mature appearances should consider making the switch to messenger bags. They are usually worn over one shoulder, but some students wear them across their bodies to keep them from slipping off. Stylish messenger bags have large flaps that fold over to keep them closed. This provides a large canvas for a bold print. Animal prints are incredibly popular this season, and it looks great when over-sized versions of spots or stripes are prints on bags. Black and white cow or zebra prints are fun spins on typical black bags. They are unique but still match every outfit. Punk skulls and kitschy retro patterns would be fun choices for music fans and hipsters. Women with classic tastes will find that soft, feminine colors make messenger bags interesting and unique. Flowers and quilt motifs are not commonly used in the making of school bags for young adults, so carrying a bag like this would make a major statement.

Tote bags are also popular among students. Someone with a light load to carry might prefer to carry it over her wrist as opposed to her shoulder. A tote bag with an open top is versatile. Since the bottoms of well-made totes are flat and square, the bags maintain their shapes even when they are not full. One of these totes wo7uld be large enough to hold small books and notepads, as well as snacks and personal items. It would make a good all-purpose bag for someone who does not want to carry a large bag at school but whose purse is not large enough to carry everything she needs to bring with her to school. Totes like these are often carried by professional women in lieu of briefcases. A woman might use her bag to hold a book for her lunch break or commute, a change of shoes, extra makeup and her lunch. She could choose to have her bag made in a wild animal print to match the color of the coat that she wears every day. Of course, she could have it made in a classic dark color to match her work clothes. Simple tote bags are great for carrying sewing materials and knitting supplies, since the bags are easy to carry even when knitting needles poke out.

New moms do not have to stop carrying fashion accessories just because their priorities have shifted. Fun diaper bags are functional while appealing to women’s desire to look stylish. An attractive diaper bag makes the task of lugging around baby supplies more enjoyable. Diaper bags usually resemble large messenger bags. They close with overlapping flaps and have sturdy bottoms that keep the bags upright when they are placed on floors or tables. This keeps the bag from tipping over when its owner is digging through it for supplies. This bit of functionality has an aesthetic bonus: the bottoms of the diaper bags have little metal feet that look stylish against the flat, black surfaces.

If the bags that are available in stores do not appeal to the shopper, she can be proactive and design her own bag. Many companies allow shoppers to choose bag types and fabric styles to create bags that reflect the newest seasonal trends. A miniature messenger bag is an adorable choice for either a smaller woman or one who simply does not want to carry a big bag around all the time. It would have all of the features and functionality of a typical messenger bag. This bag would make a great lunch bag or purse for a teenager. Girls who are into the skater or alternative music scenes like to carry purses that look like messenger bags. A young woman who wants to experiment with new ways of dressing could do so by designing her own small messenger bag to be used as a handbag.

A mother could get the same thrill out of designing a diaper bag. A creative woman who has decided to become a mother does not have to choose between raising her children and expressing herself. She could use her creativity to turn motherhood into her newest creative venture. Many people perceive mothers as being old and uninterested in current fashion trends. This attitude could be disproved if a mother designs her own diaper bag and shows the world that she has not given up her energy or identity.

Anyone can find the perfect handmade purses to suit her style and needs. The Internet has made it possible for women who cannot sew to design their own bags. Personalized handbags are great assets to any woman’s wardrobe.

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