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Traveling with Cloth Diapers Doesn't Have to Be HardParents on the go are often faced with different decisions than parents who rarely leave their home. One particular concern for parents who travel frequently is the ease of certain baby tasks while on the road. Many parents share the misconception that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to use cloth diapers on their children while traveling. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, traveling with cloth diapers can go from a daunting task to an easy proposition.

One fear parents may have with cloth diapering on the road is having enough diapers on hand to last the duration of the trip. While disposable diapers may be easy to find while traveling, cloth diapers must (usually) be packed from home. Fortunately, cloth diapers are not bulky like disposable diapers can be, and so packing enough diapers to last throughout several days will actually only require a minimal amount of space. Because cloth diapers can be folded, rolled, or easily tucked away, look to pack them in the leftover nooks and crannies of the other luggage you’ll be taking along with you. Simply keep a large enough supply in your diaper bag for the next few hours and replenish from your other luggage hiding places as necessary.

Another common fear of traveling with cloth diapers is that the used diapers will make your hotel room, parents’ or friends’ guest room, or rental car stinky places to be. Again, with planning and foresight, even the worst of smells can be avoided while you’re on the road. If you’re traveling by car, consider taking a small sealable bucket along with you to use as a diaper pail. Simply make sure that the lid forms a tight seal, and you’re set to go. Empty (and clean) kitty litter boxes work very well in this instance. If you’re traveling by air, look into the wide variety of wet bags available to make your trip easy and non-smelly. Wet bags, which have cloth exteriors but plasticized interiors, feature zippered tops. The dual layers trap in odors, and you can insert a diaper by opening just a slight slit in the top and zipping up before smells can escape.

A big deterrence to using cloth diapers while traveling is when a trip lasts more than a couple days – in other words, longer than your supply of diapers will last. Again, with pre-planning, this seeming problem can be solved with ease before you even leave your house. First, consider where you will be staying while away from home. If you are staying with family or friends, having a fresh supply of cloth diapers is as easy as asking to do a load of laundry while at their house. While you’re busy spending time with these loved ones, your cloth diapers can be washed and dried and ready to be used again. Better yet, the wet bag you use while traveling can be thrown into the washing machine along with your dirty diapers, to make sure no lingering smells remain. With minimal effort and in a short amount of time, you’re washed and ready to go.

If you’re not staying with friends or family, evaluate the facility where you will be spending your time away from home. Many hotels offer laundry facilities for a minimal cost. With just a few quarters, you can quickly and easily wash and dry your cloth diapers with no fuss or muss. If you have a choice of hotels, specifically look for these facilities to make your travel that much easier. This can also help in your overall packing – you’ll need fewer clothes for yourself and your baby if you have the ability to wash and reuse mid-trip! If your chosen hotel does not have a laundry facility, chances are that there is a Laundromat available somewhere in the area you are visiting. Although this option will mean that you have to spend time out of your trip in order to wash and dry your diapers, it can make traveling with cloth diapers an easy prospect to embrace.

Traveling with cloth diapers is not nearly as bad as the common perception might make it out to be. As with any activity that you’ll participate in with your little one, a little pre-planning will make all the difference in helping your trip to occur with ease.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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