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A properly packed diaper bagFinding the right diaper bag is only the first step in becoming prepared to venture out into the big, bad world with your little one. Truly knowing what to pack in the diaper bag so that your entire baby’s needs are addressed is what really makes you ready for the road. By considering a few specific areas of care for your baby, you’ll always leave the house totally prepared for what may come.

First, consider that one of the main functions of a baby is to eat – how else can they grow big and strong and get ready to terrorize your house? You’ll always need to make sure to pack everything necessary in your diaper bag to care for a hungry baby. Most importantly, when packing for your baby is to consider how long you will be away from home, and balance that amount of time against the supplies you will carry. If you breastfeed, ensure that you either have a cover for yourself and baby, or prior expressed milk in bottles to give to baby. If you are a fan of formula, you will need enough formula, water, and clean bottles to cover the number of feedings that will be conducted away from home. If you have a bigger baby, don’t forget to add in munchies. Munchies are important not only for hunger, but for their distraction value while in public. Depending on if solid foods are a part of baby’s diet; you’ll also need the appropriate pre-made or canned food, plus bowls and serving utensils.

What goes in – must come out. Another main function of a baby is to mess their diapers. This is, after all a diaper bag that you’re packing! If you use cloth diapers, you will not only need to pack enough diapers to cover your entire time out, but also a wet bag to put soiled linens in afterwards. If you use cloth diapers, you’ll simply need an adequate supply of diapers. In either case, make sure to include a pad or cloth to change baby on, and any powder or ointment baby might need. Also, remember that life never goes according to schedule, so pack an extra couple diapers just in case!

Have you ever encountered a baby that truly stays clean for any length of time? Babies drip and drool nearly constantly – and so you’ll need supplies in your diaper bag to get them all cleaned up. Bring lots of disposable or cloth wipes to use for wiping down baby, catching spit up when burping, or to cover baby during feedings. Remember that you need to stay clean as well, and pack wipes for yourself, and hand sanitizer to get yourself clean when proper facilities are unavailable.

Keep in mind, the clothes covering baby won’t necessarily keep the little one clean; so your diaper bag will need a change of clothes. The rule of thumb is that the smaller the baby, the more clothes they’ll go through on a daily basis. If the weather will undergo changes while you’re out, you’ll also need to bring extra clothes to keep baby warm, dry or cool as appropriate.

Finally, you’ll need to remember items to keep baby healthy, quiet and occupied. If there are any medications that you use routinely at home, they’ll need to get packed in the diaper bag. If you will not be able to keep your baby occupied personally while you are out, you’ll need to pack plenty of distractions, like toys, teethers and stuffed animals. And if your baby self soothes with a pacifier, you’ll need to leave home with at least a couple when you head out.

By packing your diaper bag wisely, you’ll always be prepared for what may come when you travel near and far with baby. Pre-planning before departure will make the trip to the store, the mall, Grandma’s house or to an exotic destination far more enjoyable and carefree!

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!

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