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Hello! I received my beautiful handbag as a gift from Yvonne [S.]. What a beautiful gift. Your designs are lovely and I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this gift.

Mary S.

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th (2)Are you looking for interesting sewing projects that do not involve excessive instructions? Quick and easy sewing patterns are out there, but few are actually fun or practical. However, there are 8 pattern-free sewing projects that are clever and useful. While most of them require a sewing machine, many are easily converted into good hand sewing projects for kids.


Keeping up with your supply of quilt squares

When your bundle of fabric scraps starts to get too large, it is time to put together quilting scraps. This is an old tradition that has a useful modern application. Namely, quilt squares are requested during the winter months to provide blankets to homeless and needy individuals. Obviously, all you need to do this project is put together fabric scraps in whichever pattern you choose. One thing to keep in mind is to make your quilted fabrics squares in a standard size so that they can be formed into a blanket later on.

Freshening up the room with new pillowcases

When it comes to interior design and saving money, adding a splash of color is often all you need to make the room look like brand new. In addition to making easy open-ended pillowcases for the bed, making enclosed pillows is a cinch. To make open-ended pillowcases, you can use a 1-inch seam allowance and an old pillowcase as your pattern. Enclosed pillows that do not use zippers, Velcro or buttons are made by sewing together three pieces of fabric. All you need to do is measure out a front panel and then make two additional larger panels that will overlap by at least 4 inches to form an enclosure.

Almost no-sew curtains

If you live in a home that has large windows, it can cost a fortune to buy the fabric needed to customize the drapes. On the other hand, many bed sheets are the right size for the job. After measuring the windows, your next step is to match those measurements to the various sizes of bed sheets. In some cases, there will be no need to do extra sewing because the bed sheet will have the fabric already folded over and sewn. This allows you to run a rod through the top of the bed sheet curtain and hang it like a set of drapes. If the bed sheet does not have this feature, you can easily use a sewing machine to add a place for the rod.

Making extra re-useable grocery bags

People are making an effort to be more environmentally conscience and this extends to minor details like reusable grocery bags. Instead of taking paper or plastic, make your own bags from fabric scraps. Although there are several easy patterns to use, this can also be an opportunity for you to design your own. This means that you can test out ideas that you have on fabric you do not mind messing up. In the end, it does not matter if your experimental reusable grocery bag pattern is ugly because it is only being used in the place of a plastic bag.

Staying glamorous with eye covers

There are many ways to use tiny bits of sewing supplies and fabric scraps, but few are as useful as eye covers. In addition to making some for you, they are perfect extras for handmade gifts. One key piece of information that you will need for making eye covers without a pattern is to remember to buy elastic cord. Before you sew up the eye covers, pin both knotted ends to the fabric so that it stays anchored on the inside of the eyecover. Otherwise, to make this item, you cut two pieces of fabric that mimic example images from the Internet and decorate them.

A wrap skirt with minimal sewing

A wrap skirt is a flattering look for women and children of all sizes. In some countries, it is also a popular look for men. To construct a wrap skirt, you need to have a piece of fabric that is longer in width than the person it fits by about one third. After all of the edges are sewn to conceal the rough edges, any type of strong ribbon or cord can be attached to the top two corners to keep the wrapped skirt tied on. To ensure the skirt has flow and does not need extra tailoring, use softer fabrics that will hang easily.

Match your dress with a handmade purse

Making purses can be extremely intimidating to beginners, but it does not need to be. After making a handmade purse from your own design, sewing beginners are often filled with a confidence that they never shake. After all, making a purse with a matching dress is a look that gets many complements. Thankfully, most purses require few sewing instructions and are made successfully if a practice purse is made from scraps first.

Follow the new trend for puppets

Have you noticed that there are many handmade puppets online lately? This trend is continuing for many good reasons and most of them do not require a pattern. To get started, you only need to get out your sewing needle and try to be creative. Naturally, this is a great way to get older children interested in sewing. You can also use some of your best work as gifts.

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