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5 Stars

My girlfriend Valerie absolutely LOVED her custom leopard bag! And so did everyone else at the party! I told people about you’re web site they loved the concept of customizing a bag to fit their style. Valerie called me the next day to rave over it again and to say it was her FAVORITE gift! It was perfect, and she filled it up to give it a test drive. We are both big “lover’s of Leopard”, and she said to me “I bet you had a hard time giving it up to me”, I laughed as she knows me so well!

Thank you again for coming through so promptly, you really hit it BIG on all marks!

You’re newest Fan,


Connie at her workstationHello, and welcome to my website. My name is Constancia, the designer and owner of Isidora Designs. My passion for sewing started as a hobby, which I have enjoyed from early childhood. I was very lucky to have a skilled seamstress for a grandmother as she inspired me to be unique and creative through sewing.

Over the years, my pizazz for fashion was expressed through the numerous dresses and handbags that I designed for myself. This self expression soon attracted the diverse interests of teenage girls, hip chicks, trendy moms as well as exotic cabaret performers.

As I found myself spending more and more time in "the design room", my husband encouraged me to follow my passion and start a business in something I really loved to do. Coupled with the strong support and interests in my designs from friends, family and acquaintances was born.

I wanted my designs to express a unique flair for fashion without compromising functionality. I also wanted my line to be flexible enough to appeal to everyone! My husband focused his talents for marketing and web-development, while I devoted my skills to the design and production of my line.

At Isidora Designs, you have the flexibility to customize your own bags to your own personal style and preference. To ensure a beautiful Isidora creation with any combination of available options, I have personally chosen and tested every pattern and fabric. This gives you the ability to express your individuality, whether your taste is retro, modern, hip or funky! Identify your look, define your style!

Enjoy, and thank you for your continued support! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the web site or my products.

- Constancia