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My girlfriend Valerie absolutely LOVED her custom leopard bag! And so did everyone else at the party! I told people about you’re web site they loved the concept of customizing a bag to fit their style. Valerie called me the next day to rave over it again and to say it was her FAVORITE gift! It was perfect, and she filled it up to give it a test drive. We are both big “lover’s of Leopard”, and she said to me “I bet you had a hard time giving it up to me”, I laughed as she knows me so well!

Thank you again for coming through so promptly, you really hit it BIG on all marks!

You’re newest Fan,


Welcome to Isidora Designs - Custom made Handbags

Personalized Bags

Isidora Designs' handbags are hand-crafted using the finest variety of fabrics, hardware and accessories. We offer various handbag styles including Diaper Bags, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Handbags and Purses.

Our handmade handbags and purses are made from a wide-range of quality fabrics each reflecting different moods, fashion and personality. Our fabric patterns include beautiful animal prints, such as zebra prints, cow prints and cheetah prints which are brushed during fabrication for a more realistic look and feel. Our handbags are perfect for any occasion, whether you're at home, in the mall, at the beach or out on the town. We've got elegant and stylish brocade fabrics as well as cool and funky bold prints such as skull and crossbones, Celtic crosses, tattoo prints and retro prints.

All our handbags are meticulously crafted and lovingly handmade in Los Angeles, California. You're sure to stand out in the crowd with any custom handbag design and style you choose.

Why blend into the crowd? Following trends is a thing of the past but creating trends is timeless. Here at Isidora Designs you can create personalized bags that match any lifestyle. Need a bag for the mom on the go? We have one-of-a kind diaper bags. Can't decide which clutch to take on a night out with the girls? Problem solved, just create a brand new one that your friends will envy. Are you a student or know someone who is? Give them the gift of a customized bag to break the ice during those nerve-racking first days of school. Have a friend who is born to be wild? Our animal prints can be applied to the bag of your choice.

With all the different options we offer, the design possibilities are almost endless. This makes personalizing your own bags much more fun than walking around a run-of-the-mill department store, with their long lines, and the fights by the sales rack. No more waiting for next year's seasonal line to hit the shelves. At Isidora Designs your style is always this season's hot new look, because you're the designer, you made it. Rock your own fashion trend with pride. If your friends like it, design more bags with your friends, you can even make it a party. Who says you can't be a fashion guru? Before you know it, you'll be creating fashion waves with the tips of your fingers. We make it easy for you, just point & click.

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Identify your look; define your style at Isidora Designs. Enjoy!